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The Particle Insight App for iPad / iPhone
Access your lab data anywhere.
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The Particle Insight iPad app is designed to complement the Particle Insight analyzer, which measures particle shape, size, and concentration, and can classify particles into classes based on that data. Scientists and process engineers are now able to view and study data of their raw materials from anywhere in the world as soon as a result is available on their Particle Insight lab instrument.


The first step is to register a machine name and password, using the Support page at You would then enter that information in the Run Conditions options in the PI software. When a run finishes in the Particle Insight instrument, the results can be uploaded automatically to your account on the website, if that option is set, or you can upload manually.


Uploaded data is kept in a secure location at the website, accessible only by the user who set up the account. To download run data from the ParticleShape cloud, start the app in your iPhone or iPad. Go to "Online" and enter your machine name and password. A list of runs available will appear. Click next to a run name to download it.

This video shows the PI Smartphone App being used to review data that was downloaded from the ParticleShape cloud storage.