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Vision Analytical Inc. can analyze your samples in our laboratory and generate a report package tailored to your needs. You the user tell us what kind of size and shape characterization is needed, using the information on this page as a guide. Or simply provide a few microscope images of particles and our lab can determine what size and shape measures are appropriate.


Particle size results from most other analysis methods assume that particles are all spherical in shape. Unless particles are perfectly spherical, size measures related to shape are what the process analyst needs to solve process problems. Vision Analytical's Dynamic Image Analysis provides exactly that, drawing from six possible shape models.


Chemical, Paint & Pigment, Pharmaceutical, Abrasives, and many more


Vision Analytical will not analyze samples without a full understanding of what the samples are and what the customer needs from the results. Simply sending the customer a particle size report of the analyzed samples is not how Vision Analytical works. Before the analysis, the customer is asked details about their process and what problems they are having. In doing this, Vision Analytical is able to customize the reported results to satisfy the needs of the customer and idenfity the process problem they may have.

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Below, there are explanations of how data is computed and the options for reporting it. There are also useful documents in the Tutorials menu. If you are only interested in a subset of your active measures, and a subset of the available statistical values, the reports can be set up to reflect those choices. The amount of data can become somewhat unwieldy, so it makes sense to include only what is actually needed.


See the list of available Size and Shape Measures

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For descriptions of the measures, see  Particle Insight Measure Definitions

Sample Statistics

Basic statistical values include:
Distribution histograms, weighted by number, surface area or volume
Minimum value, maximum value, mean, standard deviation, mode
Cumulative percentiles: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, by number, surface area or volume

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For definitions and explanations see  Statistics Reporting Basics

Data Report Options

Basic Data Reports (choose any of these)
printed report Standard single-run reportPrinted, Excel
large plot Large-format histogram plotPrinted, 1/2 page per plot
comp stat Comprehensive StatisticsPrinted
cum. percents Percent less than and greater thanExcel
stat summ Single-run statistics summaryExcel
mr icon Multi-run statistics summaryExcel
overlay Multi-run single-measure distribution overlay plotPrinted, Excel
Also see: Statistics available in each report type
Post-run Processing Reports

1. The items below require that the option to save individual particle data was in effect during the run.
2. The active x axis range for any measure can be restricted to a subset of the original range by specifying lower and upper limits.

reanalyze Regenerate all statistics for a new subrangePrinted, 1/2 page per plot
thumbnails Particle thumbnail imagesPrinted
correlations Correlation plots (specify measures)Printed
particle files Individual particle listingExcel
classifications Particle classificationExcel

For all of the above reports, specify which measures and where appropriate, which weightings (number, area, volume) to include. For the statistics summary, specify which statistics to include (see 'Statistics available in each report type'.)

iPad Data Viewer

An option we provide to lab customers is the ability to download their sample reports to their iPad, and review the data anywhere they may be. We will set up a password-protected account on our site server for your data. Data transfers are encrypted in both directions.

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