PI Software
PI unit

Getting started with the Particle Insight particle shape analyzer

Startup and New Run

Turn unit on.1 - Turn unit on. Check drain jar is empty and fill jar full.2 - Check that the drain jar is empty and the fill jar contains a sample. Start software using the icon.
3 - Start software by double-clicking the desktop icon.
Rinse the system.
4 - Rinse the system.
Turn pump on; click New.
5 - Turn on pump and click 'New'.
Enter sample name.
6 - Enter name of new sample and click OK.
Check 'Save individual particle data' is on.
7 - In Run Conditions/Run Control, check 'Save individual particle data' is on, if Post-Processing will be used after the run.
Start Continuous mode.
8 - Start 'Continuous' to check particle density in the image is not too light or too dense.
Use 'Analyze' to check the analysis.
9 - Stop Continuous and click Analyze, for a visual check that the analysis looks appropriate.
Click 'System Performance Data'.
10 - Open System Performance Data (optional).
Open data windows.
11 - Open data windows by clicking 'Sample Data' (optional).
12 - Press Clear and Start buttons to start the run.

View Thumbnail Images

Press 'Post-processing'
1 - After the run finishes, press "Post-processing".
Enter any desired filtering criteria.
2 - Enter any desired filtering criteria. If none desired, unselect all measure options.
Click Thumbnails to open the view.
3 - Click Thumbnail images to open the view.
 Use the arrows to navigate.
4 - Use the arrows to navigate through the pages.
Use the measure drop-down to change measure.
5 - To change which measure values are displayed, close the image that's showing, change the measure in the drop-down box, and redisplay.

Viewing Histogram Data

Press 'Sample Data'.
1 - Open a run, if one isn't already open. Press "Sample Data" to open all available measure histograms.
Click Plot Options / Large Display.
2 - In any of the graph windows, click Plot Options / Large Display, to switch to the large view.
Several features are available here.
3 - Several features are available here, including statistics for the entire histogram or any selected portion. Number, surface area or volume weighting can be selected.