Special Services

Custom Engineering

Instrument installations sometimes require customization to adapt to the needs of user’s processes. Typical requests include adapting our Particle Insight to an on-line process, or to develop custom sample cells needed for specific applications, or new software features to meet the needs of users and market needs. In some cases, these custom engineering projects become standard features, accessories and instruments for Vision Analytical.

How can we help? To determine if the Vision Analytical Custom Engineering department can develop the solution you are in need of, please contact us. Consultation for your process is at no charge and no obligation, and will be kept confidential. All we need is a description of your current situation, the difficulties involved and what goals you have. We can then begin interacting with you to fully understand your needs and possibly offer a solution.

If your research work requires an analytical device, technique, or configuration that is not commercially available, why not discuss your needs with the experts at Vision Analytical?

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